Faith Marone Anime Style Passenger Window Graphic

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Add some sexiness to your ride We're excited to bring you a Faith Marone X Grfxp collaboration design!  Now you can have Faith ride along wherever you go in a cute Anime style passenger sticker.

Height: ~13"

Installation tips: This product does not come with transfer tape, decal must be installed wet.  As you peel the graphic off of the paper backing, spray the adhesive side with a soap/water solution (we highly recommend using our professional EZ vinyl application spray), then place the graphic on the desire location (you can even spray the installation area so the decal can be easily adjusted)  Using a squeegee wrapped with a soft cloth or our Felt Squeegee to push out the air and bubbles, repeat until there are no remaining bubbles, let dry.  Installation should take less than a minute with this method.