SoftGrip (Sandstone) Textured Case for iPhone X

SoftGrip (Sandstone) Textured Case for iPhone X

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*The Grfxp SoftGrip case, one of our most popular products for the iPhone is now available for the hot new iPhone X!  

So, what's so special about the SoftGrip case?

First off, it feels a little something like soft sandpaper, but you really have to touch and feel it to understand. Once you touch it, you'll most likely find yourself rubbing your case more often than you realize, just becuase it feels that good! The case was designed specifically for the slick and slippery iPhone X in order to keep the phone where it belongs, in your hand.  Not only is the grip amazing, but it's ultra thin, form fitting and adds literally nothing to your iPhone, keeping that OEM feel.  Lastly, we know you don't need ugly branding on your case, so we kept it simple and clean without any branding, whatsoever!

Grab one today and.... GET A GRIP!

*Looking for a more OEM look?  Our Apple Logo Overlays work great on these cases! (Matte Black shown below on a Charcoal Gray SoftGrip case)

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