Create Your Own Vinyl Windshield Banner (SunStrip)

Create Your Own Vinyl Windshield Banner (SunStrip)

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*Introducing the "Create Your Own" Grafixpressions vinyl windshield banner!  Designed to be easy to install and provide stylish looks on any make and model, add that race-car look with a custom windshield banner.

Grafixpressions offers the "Create Your Own" vinyl windshield banners in a large variety of colors to suit the look you are trying to achieve.  We recommend adding some of our unique vinyl stickers (which can be applied on top of the installed banner to further personalize the look of your vehicle!)  You can even customize your own logo right here!

Please note regarding sizing: Each "Make Your Own" Grafixpressions vinyl windshield banner comes pre-cut to 54" in length x 8" in height to fit nearly any size windshield.  If you do need a larger size, don't hesitate to email us. 

General Installation Guidelines:

Take your time and install with a friend, there are no refunds or exchanges for this product as they are cut to order for your application.  If there are any concerns, a local tint shop should be able to install them for you for a nominal fee.

  • Clean your windshieldwell before installing, we recommend washing the windshield with Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove any waxes or oils.  
  • Measure and mark installation area to ensure the banner is installed straight
  • Generously spray installation area with our E-Z Application Spray
  • Peel the windshield banner off of the paper backing and spray adhesive side generously with E-Z Application Spray
  • Lay the windshield banner over the desired installation area , using a squeegee to push out bubbles and water to make for a smooth and OEM looking install
  • Trim excess vinyl carefully using an Xacto blade, apply light and even pressure to ensure you do not scar your windshield.  Peel trimmed vinyl back and repeat squeegee process to remove any remaining installation fluid or bubbles.


  • Take your time and do it with a friend to make the installation go easier
  • Be careful not to allow dirt or dust on the windshield or on the adhesive side of the vinyl
  • Install in a warm and dry area

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