Create Your Own Custom Japanese License Plate

Create Your Own Custom Japanese License Plate

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Ever wanted to create your own Japanese (JDM) license plate?  Now you can!  All license plates are based off of the Passenger Vehicle Class in Japan and are made out of white aluminum license plate blanks with dark green lettering.

To build your plate:

  • Select the prefecture
  • Enter up to 2 characters (letters or numbers) that go on the top line.
  • Enter up to 5 characters (letters or numbers), you can also include a dash for the main plate number.
  • Select the color of the lettering (green or black)
  • Select whether or not you want the red slash (for unregistered / temporary use)
  • Select the Japanese badge (optional) to add to the place.  You can select the New Driver logo, Elder Driver logo or the "hard of hearing" logo.

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