Grille Strip Overlay Kit for B8.5 Audi S5/A5 S-Line (2013 - 2016)

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*Freshen up the look of your B8.5 (facelift) Audi S5 or A5 S-Line with GRFXP's pre-cut overlays for the front grille.  Don't bother plasti-dipping or spray painting your grill and permantly ruining your grille.  Included are three pre-cut overlays that easily fit over the three gray middle bars on the grill.  Simply spray the adhesive side of the overlays with our E-Z Application Spray to make sure your installation goes as simply as possible.  

Note: colors with an * beside them are premium colors and will affect pricing.

*Shown in "Matte Black"

To install: Clean the installation area well.  We recommend using EZ Application Spray on the adhesive side of the overlay (soap/water may also be used), be generous when applying.  You should spray as you are peeling the overlays off the backing paper  Lay the overlay one at a time on the grill bars.  Once lined up, use our Ultimate FELT squeegee to push out the air and bubbles, wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.  Installation should take just a few minutes with this method. (install shown on S4 grille)

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