Anime Sword Scene - Custom Vehicle Livery Graphics

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*Make your car stand out with these ready-made vehicle livery designs! Enter in the dimensions of your car using the length from wheel well to wheel well along the side skirt portion of your car, and then the height in the center of the car from the bottom of the side skirt to the bottom edge of your window. This way each livery will be custom fit for your car! Fits coupes, sedans, any make or model. Contact us if you want yours with a custom touch or your own design!

Livery Details & Ordering Instructions:

This livery is a full color printed anime styled design and can be installed as a single layer. This product comes transfer taped (what does Transfer Taped mean?)

  • Make sure to measure the areas shown in the preview image with arrows and select the proper size from the drop downs.
  • Make sure to select the driver side (Left), passenger side (Right), or both sides that you wish to purchase the livery for.
  • If your vehicle is a daily driver and outside with the elements, we highly recommend selecting the option to have the graphic spray laminated.  This will increase the durability, protect from UV rays and help withstand the elements for 3-5 years.
  • Picture shown may not be accurate to your make/model. Graphic received may have more then one component, and may need to be trimmed to fit specific vehicle. Make sure to give specific measurements as item is non-refundable.  Contact us before placing the order if there are questions.
Recommended Instalation tools:
  • GRFXP E-Z Vinyl Application Solution
  • Vinyl Applicator Squeegee
  • Exacto-blade
  • Friends!

General Installation Guidelines:

Take your time and install with a friend, there are no refunds or exchanges for this product as they are cut to order for your application.  If there are any concerns, a local vehicle wrapping/sign shop should be able to install this product for you.

  • Clean your vehicle well before installing, we recommend washing the car with Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove any waxes or oils.  
  • Measure and mark installation area 
  • Generously spray installation area with our E-Z Application Spray
  • Peel transfer tape off of the paper backing and spray adhesive side of livery (if applicable) generously with E-Z Application Spray
  • Lay the livery over the desired installation area , using a squeegee to push out bubbles and water to make for a smooth and OEM looking install
  • Trim excess vinyl carefully using an Xacto blade, apply light and even pressure to ensure you do not scar your paint.  Peel trimmed vinyl back and repeat squeegee process to remove any remaining installation fluid or bubbles.


  • Take your time and do it with a friend to make the installation go easier
  • Be careful not to allow dirt or dust on the vehicle or on the adhesive side of the vinyl
  • Install in a warm and dry area