Zombies: Build a Perk Pack Kit

Zombies: Build a Perk Pack Kit

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The original build-your-own, super high quality Perks-a-Cola's pack, don't accept cheap impostors made out of paper stickers that will deteriorate when they get wet! GrafiXpressions designed each perk sticker with the same attention to detail as the game developers. The colors are correct, the fonts are spot on and the detail is show quality! 

This "Build a Perk Pack" kit includes 15 original Perks-a-Cola bottle stickers, as well as 15 bottle cap stickers -- everything you need to make your own Perks-a-Cola's. Stickers are thermal printed on the highest quality 7 year vinyl and can even withstand the dishwasher! 

Note: You may add the bottle "Neck" label stickers for an additional charge.  We also offer 50% off if you'd like to double your order, just select it from the drop down!

Build a Perk Pack includes the following bottle & bottle cap labels: (total of 15 bottle labels & 15 cap labels)

  • Juggernog Soda
  • Quick Revive Soda
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap Root Beer
  • Double Tap II Root Beer
  • Stamin-Up Soda
  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • PhD Flopper Soda
  • Mule Kick Soda
  • Tombstone Soda
  • Who's Who Soda
  • Electric Cherry Soda
  • Vulture Aid Elixir
  • Der Wunderfizz
  • Widows Wine

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