JDM Honda Emblem Pack (Front & Rear)

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*Set your vehicle apart from the crowd with Honda of Japan Type-R red/chrome emblems.  This product includes both the front and rear Japanese Type-R emblems.  You must remove the existing emblems in order to install these emblems.  Emblems are installed via 3M double sided tape which is adhered to the back of each emblem.


  • If the pins on the back of the emblems do not line up correctly, you must break them off before installing. Emblems are designed to fit JDM vehicles which is why pins may need to be removed prior to installation.
  • Since the red/chrome emblems are designed specifically for Japanese vehicles and not USDM models, we select the emblems that best fit the vehicles listed below (and in the drop down).  Sizes may differ slightly from the OEM emblems.
  • If you choose to add the "Alien Eyes" Neochrome overlays and have us install them the product packaging will need to be opened by us and will no longer be sealed from the factory.
  • If you have any questions, email us before ordering, as there are no refunds for this product!


*We only offer emblems packages for vehicles we were able to test fit on to guarantee good fitment, if you would like to order emblems individually based on emblem size, please click here.