JDM Parts Package Deal

JDM Parts Package Deal

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This package deal is for the true JDM enthusiast!


  • JDM Civic Type-R key fob cover (Does NOT fit 2014+ Honda Civic's - please confim before ordering)
  • JDM Steering wheel emblem
  • Pair of front and rear JDM emblems (choose the model vehicle you own)

PLEASE NOTE: If the pins on the back of the emblems do not line up correctly, you must break them off before installing. Emblems are designed to fit JDM vehicles which is why pins may need to be removed prior to installation.

* The key fob DOES NOT work for 2014+ Honda Civic's as they have a push button start and have a different style key fob. Please double check your key fob to see if the one pictured above will work with your model prior to ordering.

** All products come in original packaging, unless you have us install the "Alien Eyes" overlays as we must open the packaging. There are no refunds for this product. If you have any questions, please email us before ordering.