Universal Mesh "Sport" Vinyl Window Cover

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Another unique offering only available at Grafixpressions is our Matte Black "mesh" style vinyl window cover.  Popular uses are for coupes with smaller rear windows, but can be used for almost anything! Each sheet is 15" x 30" in length, with a useable height of 14".  Make sure to measure your window size to verify this product will fit, if you need a larger size, please contact us.  Product includes one sheet, if you intend to overlay two windows, make sure to select a quantity of 2.

We recommend purchasing our Vinyl Installation Kit for this installation.

To install: Clean the installation area well.  Spray the adhesive side of the vinyl and installation area with our E-Z Application spray.  This allows you to position the overlay properly, then squeegee out the excess bubbles and liquid.  If you have any remaining bubbles, they should disappear over time.  Use an Xacto blade with light pressure to trim off the excess material once the overlay adheres to the window.

Grafixpressions recommends a professional installation if you are not comfortable wrapping or installing vinyl tint material.  Please be aware that there are no refunds or exchanges for failed customer installations.