X-Fiber Weightless Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone XS Max

X-Fiber Weightless Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone XS Max

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 This is it. The last case you will ever purchase.

We've been obsessed with ultra-thin phone cases, we've also been obsessed with carbon fiber, but there have always been compromises when trying to combine the two. We think we've finally done it with the Grfxp X-Fiber case for iPhone XS Max.

Made out of Aramid Fibers, which is the very same fabric used in aerospace and military applications such as ballistic-rated body armor and composites! We've forged this into a .35mm thin case that fits your iPhone so perfectly you would never know there's a case on it. The X-Fiber case is nearly weightless (we couldn't even get a weight out of it on our shipping scale), and razor thin -- simply snap it on and feel the difference from anything else on the market.

We raised the corners ever so slightly to provide true protection for the corners if ever dropped and molded a lip around the camera to provide full camera protection.  None of this has been done before with a case like this!  It adds a simply stunning, unique look to your phone making you want to show it off all the time.  The exterior is an extremely polished high-gloss coating where the inside is a subtle matte finish, together it's a piece of art.

The best part, there is absolutely zero signal degradation. Unlike carbon fiber, these fibers do not have reception blocking properties which means you get the look, feel and luxury you expect out of carbon fiber without any of the negatives normally associated with integrating carbon fiber with cell phones.

These are produced in extremely small batches and are very limited, so order today at an incredible price.  Also available in a soft-touch matte finish.

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